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About Me

I was born and grew up in North Wales where I lived for 18 years. During this time I was a part of Theatre in the Community (TiC), who I was in several productions with and completed my LAMDA exams with and I was a member of Act Out with Theatre Clwyd. I also acted in two productions with The National Youth Theatre of Wales and was part of the Young writers group who helped write the second play I was in, (‘Dirwnod Heb Ei Debyg’) No Other Day Like Today.  As well as acting exploits I was also able to develop my musical skills. I completed my Singing ABRSM exams up to grade 8, Saxophone ABRSM grade 5, Piano ABRSM grade 7. I could then put my skills into practical use by joining the County Swing Band, playing sax and singing with them.

At 18 I then moved to London Town. I was awarded a scholarship on an acting foundation course with The Actor Works; simultaneously I also participated in the Part Time Theatre Arts course at Rose Bruford College.

I then went on to study at Rose Bruford College and recently graduated from the BA in American Theatre Arts three year degree. This was not a standard acting degree, a semester was spent studying Musical Theatre at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. This degree gave me such a broad grounding in the arts and all the possibilities that I can have within the industry.  It is about being a creator and collaborator. This training has enabled me to form my own concepts and ideas and be ready to merge them with others in a fully professional setting.

Since graduating I have thrown myself into the industry and am fully ready to meet and work with new people and consistently having my own work bubbling underneath the surface. Watch this space!

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